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) Instructions for purchasing pet licenses; Pet license requirements; Update personal or pet information; Pet license FAQs; License Costs.

Aug 8, 2022 · Brevard County ordinances require all owned dogs, cats and ferrets to be licensed and for the license to be attached to the animal. Utilities capital charges, plan review, standards and information.

Foster and Rescue Program.

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May 18, 2023 · Combinations: These are licenses that include a bundle saltwater, fresh water and hunting permits. How to Get a Pet License. com is your online resource for all things dog in Sarasota, Florida.

All Martin County Tax Collector Offices.

You can purchase, replace (obtain a duplicate) or renew your dog’s license (tag) at: The Pet Adoption and Protection Center. You are not able to purchase or renew your dog's license online. .

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How to Get a Pet License.

Dogs are not permitted on playgrounds, ballfields, dugouts, bleachers, lakes/ponds.

A non-sterile pet is 20. Lee County Domestic Animal Services is an agency that deals with stray animals.

The license can be obtained at the time of rabies. 00 dollars for a one year license and 50.

Although a license number is permanently associated with your pet, your pet license expires on your pet’s rabies vaccination expiration date.

You must pay by check (cash not accepted via mail) and include a copy of the rabies certificate.

, Palm City, Florida, Phone: 772-223-8822.

Domestic Animal Services 5600 Banner Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33912. The license fee for an animal in the City of Jacksonville is $20 annually. County animal licenses are valid for one year from date of rabies vaccination.

 Please enter your PHYSICAL address. A license shall consist of a license certificate and a license. Fee Schedule for Licenses: 1-Year. . Monroe County requires that any person who owns or keeps in the county a dog, cat or ferret six months of age or older shall cause the animal to be licensed upon establishing residency in the county or upon the animal reaching the age of six months.


Adoption. Utilities Planning & Construction.

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The owner of a newly acquired pet must register within 30 days.



Animal License Application [197.