If not ill go 13900k.


Nov 16, 2022 · class=" fc-falcon">8 x chassis fans. There won't be anything better coming for the AM4 platform, so get the best there is.

I would be gaming at 1440p 165hz looking to be able to play maxed out ultra settings + ray tracing while having locked 165hz performance or close to for hopefully years to come, or as long as possible.


ago. 1. All depends on your resolution though and the games you play.

it is and it is not.

Ryzen 7 5800X3D + RTX 3090. class=" fc-falcon">it is and it is not. Depends on game and resolution.

You might be better off spending a bit more for the 5800X3D though. However you could easily get a 5800X3D and 4090 in your budget as long as you don't care how it looks.

Will a 5800X bottleneck an RTX 4080? I know the benchmarks of the 4000 series remain to be seen, but I assume a more experienced pc builder might be able to tell from the.

considering you are buying a top level gpu I would suggest go for 5800x3d otherwise wait for 7800x3d to come out.

I have a 4090 and 5800x play at 4k and in some games my gpu wont even go to 90% usage especially warzone 2 and cyberpunk. .

being able to tax a 4090. Because from YouTube reviewers the 4090 can bottleneck even a 7950x.

Could not resist.
So my question is the Ryzen 5800x bottlenecking my 4090? and should i consider upgrading to a 5800x3d.

Nvidia's official power recommendation of 850W for the 4090 actually includes an R9 5900X in their estimate so take that as you will.

VR is something I definitely want to try out as well now that I have a beefy GPU.

ago. And yes, we do recommend upgrading, unless you’re on. Honestly with an overclocked i9-9900k there won’t be a need to upgrade your cpu.

4% of processor bottleneck. . The processor has a massive 96 MB of L3 cache, thanks to 64 MB of additional cache stacked on top of the 32 MB L3 cache local to the "Zen 3" CCD, which is contiguous with it. 11-27-2022 07:12 AM. .

Will it be worth it at 4k? Should I be worried about the bottleneck?.

. My 5800x saw only 50-70% gpu usage in around 20 games at 1440p.





+1 on the 5800X3D.