OPM Director Kiran Ahuja said in the statement Wednesday that the default January 2023 adjustment for special rates will be 4.


. It was briefed the "average" increase would be (I forget the exact number they used - it's early and I need coffee) $14k.

VA People Management leadership briefed in a town hall earlier this year they were trying to implement the new pay starting the Q4 of FY23 (July 23).

If a governmentwide Special Salary Rate doesn’t come into focus for federal IT and cyber workers, Sanders said the Biden administration has alternative means of addressing its.

Apr 14, 2023. ( SSA Press Release, 10/13/2022 ) For 2023, the FICA tax rate for both employers and employees is 7. 1 percent january 2023 general schedule increase.

the above pay rates include an additional adjustment originally established during the 3-year phase-in period for the nonforeign areas retirement equity assurance act of 2009 (nareaa).

Hopefully this SSR for IT lasts longer than the one in 2000. VA 2210 hiring should be the hottest game in town, especially for low grades. .

One of the agencies that is hoping to increase hiring with the higher salaries is the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA), which received a much needed boost in funding from last year’s. Mon, 05/01/2023.

1%, mirroring President Biden’s pay plan announced in August.


. VA Chief Information Officer (CIO) Kurt DelBene told reporters today that the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is nearing “final approval” on a government-wide Special Salary Rate (SSR), which would bump tech salaries up to be “more commensurate with what’s in the private sector.

The pay raise and the locality pay rates. “We’ve been sharing a partnership with OPM, a special salary rate that we’re hoping to implement this year in the third quarter for the 2210 series, and it will.

We'll see.
No news on OPM table (s) being released but thought is that it will be soon.


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. VA 2210 hiring should be the hottest game in town, especially for low grades. On January 11, 2023, OPM notified agencies that, in response to VA’s request, it was preparing to establish special rates for positions in the 2210 (Information Technology Management), 0854 (Computer Engineering), and 1550 (Computer Science) Occupational Series at General Schedule (GS) grades GS-5 through GS-15.

. 2:37 pm. We'll see. You can bet that not everyone is aware of the rate, but once the pay ranges make it into USA Jobs, competition will skyrocket. Start is July 2023. VA 2210 hiring should be the hottest game in town, especially for low grades.

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All rates are limited by the 2023 Executive Level IV rate of $183,500. 2210 Special Salary Rate : r/fednews.




Apr 17, 2023 · class=" fc-falcon">“The act was targeted at increasing the pay limit of specific occupations.